PLEASE NOTE if you feel your is tampered with - or looks as if was opened and re-sealed before you receive it, please refuse the parcel as the courier will take the parcel back at no extra cost to you.

Claims made for missing items after you sign for the package will not be accepted. If you feel a theft has taken place please contact us with a written statement of the time of receiving and opening your package. We will provide instructions of what we need from you.

At this point we will begin an investigation with the courier, contact the driver and pass on your statement to the police for further perusal. We will provide you with all the evidence to support your claim, should you wish to take it further to the Trading Standards Office in you area.


Normal Circumstances:

An item could be missing from your order for several reasons, more often than not because one item was out of stock. In this case you will have received an email stating this and/or your invoice will be marked as being part complete , and you will have been refunded for the item that was nt in stock. If this id not the case, please give us a call and we will do all we can to help. In most case if an item is out of stock we will contact you by email/telephone to inform you first.

All packages are recorded for weight before they leave and each package has CCTV footage of contents packed. We also have the weight recorded just before delivery is made, so we are able to track that the correct amount of items are in the package.

I'm new, how do I order?

At JNR Station we go to great lengths to ensure your shopping experience is as easy and secure as possible. Firstly you should register an account with us. This is a very simple process and will ensure you can quickly and safely make orders. Once you have created your account, browse the site; either using categories listed, our search function, or by looking at our most recently added added products. Select your size, and add the item to your shopping cart. Once you have finished shopping simply go to the checkout, choose the method of shipping you would like and continue to payment. If you are happy with the order, please confirm the payment. We will then send you an email acknowledging that we have received your order and that it is being processed by our team. We will also let you know by email when the item(s) are dispatched to you.

How do I know if my order was successful?

If your order is successful you will receive an automated email to confirm your order has been received and is being processed. This means the payment was successful, how ever if an item is not in stock, or we see there may be  security issue with the payment, we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the situation. If the product is in stock and there are no other problems, you will receive an email confirming your item(s) have been dispatched.

How do I check if an item is in stock?

Our website is 99% up to date with stock levels. The website will not allow you to buy a product if the stock is not available. However in very rare cases some stock level inventory may be incorrect. This is usually due to the item missing from the warehouse, two orders for the same ''last'' items are places at the same time or sold in one of our stores at the same time you placed your order. If you would like to make sure in advance that stock level is correct then please email enquiries@jnrstation.co.uk or simply phone one of our sales advisors on +44 (0) 131 226 2576.

Can I change/cancel my order?

We are happy to change or cancel orders in accordance with the Distance Selling regulations. If you order has been placed, but not dispatched, we will make the change or cancellation straight away if possible.

When changing the ordered items please call us or email us as soon as possible so we can amend the order. If we have already dispatched the order, then we will have to wait until you return the items back to us and treat it as an exchange procedure.

A cancellation must be notified to us in writing before the dispatch of your parcel. You have the right to cancel before you receive your order. However if you receive your purchased items, opened the package and then decide you would like to cancel the order, we will not be able to offer the 'right to cancel'.

More information on making a return can be found within our returns policy Click Here.

Please note if the cancelled item is already on the way to you via courier and you have notified us in accordance to the Distance Selling Regulations, we request you send our goods back before we can refund you. You are in full right to a refund of the product, but we are also in the right to charge a postage and packaging fee of our ''costs incurred''.

If you are cancelling your purchase you can also opt to not accepting it from the courier as it will make it's way back to us. However there is no set time on how long it takes, so if you need a quick refund on your cancellation then accept the parcel and arrange your own suitable method of return. 

Please call us prior to returning back the parcel, in the off case we can organise a collection for the Cancelled order.

Can I use my discount code more than once?

This depends on the type of code you have received; you will be made aware of this upon receipt of your code.

I forgot to use my discount code. Can I get the discount refunded?

This should never be a problem, simply give us a call on +44 (0) 131 226 2576 or email us on enquiries@jnrstation.co.uk, providing the code is valid we will refund you the variance.

Where is my order?

If and order has not arrived when you were expecting it, we recommend first checking the email account your JNR Station account is registered with. Any updates in status will be passed on via email, as it is out primary mode on contact. If you have not received any email updates, contact the web team on +44 (0) 131 226 2576 and we will follow up the progress of your delivery. This can take up to 24 hours but we will always be able to help.

My item bought is now on sale what's your policy on this?

If in an unfortunate circumstance your purchased item falls in to our sale or any promotional** offer within 5 working days of your purchase date we will refund the difference by placing funds in to your JNR Station account to use at your convenience. We reserve the right to reduce the prices on any of our products without any prior notice.

My order contains a faulty item.

If for some reason your order contains a faulty item please contact our sales team immediately and they will assist you in returning the item. When we receive the item back our team will follow inspection guidelines and if met, we will replace, offer an alternative, offer a refund or in some cases send the item back to the manufacturer for repair. 

Please note that you should return faulty/incorrect items using 1st Class postage - Recorded Delivery. We cannot refund the costs for express or next day delivery and if you choose to send the item(s) in this way we will refund a standard £3.95 only.

International customers, please note we will refund your postage costs for a faulty item, please use a standard delivery that is secure and signed for. Postage reimbursement is limited to £9.95.

You have sent me the wrong item.

If you have been sent the wrong item please follow the returns policy procedure and return it to us. We will send the correct item back out to you and reimburse any costs you may have incurred in sending the incorrect item back to us. If the item is out of stock for any reason, we will contact you to arrange an alternative.

You haven't replied to my query?

We try to respond to any queries as quickly as possible, however sometimes there may be delays. As a small independent company we occasionally receive multiple queries at peak times. In such instances we are still trying to provide all our customers the best possible service, but it may take more time. We ask for your patience, but we appreciate how frustrating it can be to have to wait for a response. If you email us again we will give you a call back to address any problems and update you on the progress of your enquiry.